From: A/C Donald Krasno
Sqdn T, BTC #1
Boca Raton Club
Boca Raton Florida

To: Mr. & Mrs. J. Krasno
3118 N. 45th St.
Milwaukee, Wis

[Sometime in 1943]

Dear Mom & Pop:

Well, here I am in “Boot Camp” which means a tent – and that’s all. It’s tough here, and I don’t mean maybe. But I guess I’ll like it if I live. Don’t expect too many letters cause they only give us seconds off at a time. Just call Miriam for gory details.

All my love

P:S – Fishing down here? HA. HA.

? (Censor’s Stamp)

From: Pvt Donald Krasno
Apo# 12958-C Sqdn C-1
c/o Postmaster, New York Ny

1 May 1944

To: Mr & Mrs Joseph Krasno
3118 N. 45th St.
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dear Mom & Pop:

Just a line from your wandering son–at the moment in “Sunny Italy”. Tent life agrees with me–I’m gaining weight. I had an excellent voyage–peaceful and uneventful. The only trouble was that I couldn’t find any trees to sit under–so I got seasick, but good. Didn’t last long, though.

You’ll never guess what we’re doing now: we’re practicing simple Italian phrases. How in the devil did I miss the Italian language after studying four of them: How did I know they’d send me to spaghetti land?

In spite of some of the stuff you read in the newspapers, I want you to know that this is a good spot. I eat well, sleep well and don’t do too much work. What more can a soldier ask?

Your Loving Son

Lt. J. E. McDaniel (Censor’s Stamp)

From: Pvt Donald Krasno 16117220
32nd Phot Recon Sqdn
5th Photo Gp.
Apo-520 c/o Postmaster

To: Mr. & Mrs. J. Krasno
3118 N 45th St.
Milwaukee Wisconsin

27 May 1944

Dear Mom & Pop

How are things with you? OK, I hope. I just received Pop’s letter – the one that was returned with the wrong address.

Believe it or not, the shoemaker has finally found his last. I mean, strangely enough, that I’m actually doing some of the work I’ve been trained for. The entire squadron – officers and men are living in 16 foot square pyramidal tents of the same kind you may or may not have lived in in world war I. We sleep on cots with mosquito netting over us. It’s surprisingly comfortable–with electric lights and all–and a little work with with a hammer and saw can make it a lot more comfortable. We may be just lucky in having such good cooks, but I’m sure the food here is decidedly better than what we got in the States. All in all, aside from being so far from my family, it’s a pretty good deal and you’ve no need to be worried.

Your loving son,

D. N. McHenry (Censor’s Stamp)

From: Cpl. Donald Krasno
32nd Photo Recon Sq.
5th Photo Gp
APO #520
c/o PM. Ny Ny

To: Mrs. Joseph Krasno
3118 N 45th St.
Milwaukee Wisconsin

20 April 1945

Love and Best Wishes on Mother’s Day
There is faith and hope and courage
In the very thought of You–
And I love  you, Mother darling,
For your heart, so warm and true–
May this message of affection
Bring you joy on Mother’s Day–
I’ll be happy,
Thinking of you,
Even though I’m
Far away!

Your Loving Son